Welcoming Your Indian Guests: A Practical Guide for Hospitality and Tourism

“Welcoming Your Indian Guests: A Practical Guide for Hospitality and Tourism” is an easy-to-read introduction to the basics of Indian culture. It is designed for English-speaking audiences – including employers, friends, and hospitality industry professionals from small restaurants to large hotels.

* Learn how to greet Indians without offending them, whether they are male or female, Hindu or Muslim, or from North or South India.

* Serving beef hamburgers is illegal in India – learn how that affects Indian visitors to your restaurant.

* Identify differences between Indian English and the English spoken in your country.

* What is “Indian Standard Time”?

With a population of 1.3 billion, India is the world’s second largest population (17 per cent of the world). An estimated 40 million Indians travel internationally each year – and many will visit your country.

This book is written by Multicultural Marketing and Management (MMM). MMM is a multi-award-winning, full-service marketing agency, with 20 years experience in non-English communication in over 70 languages. MMM is an accredited tourism business in Australia.