Moving On and Settling in Workshop: Living in Australia for Executives

If you’re sending an executive or team to work in Australia, whether the person is English-speaking or not, there are challenges inherent in moving to a new culture. Good preparation can mean the difference between getting off on the right foot and being immediately productive, or spending weeks acclimating and repairing relationships that may not have begun well.

Does everybody really say, “G’day”? Does everyone call everyone, “Mate”? Have you tried Vegemite before? Do you know our football is different than yours?

Well-prepared executives:

  • Will be immediately productive
  • Will establish positive relationships from the beginning
  • Will feel positive, comfortable, and empowered
  • Will be less likely to feel frustrated and repatriate, costing the company time and money

In a course divided into several practical sections, your executive will learn and discuss unique issues in Australia related to:

  • Communication
  • Cultural insights and taboos
  • Banking, credit, bill-paying, and finance
  • Educational system (for executives with children)
  • Legal issues

We can conduct classes in a wide variety of languages, including Japanese, French, Chinese, Korean, and other languages.

Because classes are either individual or very small (if you send more than one executive), they can be individualised to the attendees’ particular needs and questions.

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