Chopsticks Culture: Your companion to exploring Chinese cuisine

Chopsticks culture: your companion to exploring Chinese cuisine, is an additional guide to the iPhone app of the same name. It can be used alone.

The phone app is a cool flashy and boisterous program that will remind you of a trip to Chinatown. What’s its primary use? Challenge your friends in a game and see who can match a mouth-watering Chinese dish with its name in English Chinese and phonetics.

If that’s too simple for your taste or your liking try the app’s main use: master the way of ordering Chinese dishes in Cantonese or Mandarin with the help of our adorable Madam Chu and cool Master Zhao.

Or you can simply abandon the educational aspect and let the app show/tell the waiter what you want to order.

In this version the sound and game modules are not available. But it’s still a great handy booklet for learning to order 100 Chinese dishes or show to the waiters what you want to eat.